Dj Simi

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Dj Simi was born and raised in Napoli (Naples, Italy).

The first time he see a DJ is at 12 years old. Passion at first sight. He manifestates an interest for hip hop and particularly for scratch and turntablism, immediately. At his 18ths he starts to go more for professionalism. His passion for music doesn’t know limits, with years passing by he starts to work in studio and take out his art with different music styles, hip hop, techno, house, deep, newjazzfunk, lounge & soundtracks for cinema and documentaries. He has performed in all Italy, big part of europe and all the world.

From over 25 years he is an expert DJ and produces Beats dedicating the life to the Music! As member of italian band La Famiglia,he released 2 albums that sold almost 80.000 copies,entering in the history of italian hip hop. About the club scene, he released on labels such Kenpo, Snatch, Stereo, Jump, Flashmob, MoodFunk,
Subliminal, Little Festival, Intec, Scitec, Yoshitoshi, PlasticCity, Deeeperfect, Lapsus, King Street, Switch Lab and many others.