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Crowning of Atlantis - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1The Crowning of Atlantis
  2. 2Mark of Cain
  3. 3Clavicula Nox (remix)
  4. 4Crazy Nights
  5. 5From the Dionysian Days
  6. 6Thor (The Powerhead)
  7. 7Seawinds
  8. 8To Mega Therion (live)
  9. 9The Wings of the Hydra (live)
  10. 10Black Sun (live)


Mark of Cain Testo

Album: Crowning of Atlantis

"Therion : Mark of Cain" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Mark of Cain Testo Canzone - Mark of Cain Video - Therion

Clain, fistborn son of Adam
You killed your brother Abel.
Now bear a mark of God in your eyes
Pain is (the) sing of your symbol
And you'll be borne down by (the) load.
You will walk forever to live and let die.
Life is eternal for Cain
Bright shine the crime from his mark
Some secret's known by his name
He taught man handle Gods spark
Let the hegoat
Bear all the old crimes
Walk with him
To distant east
Ride your horse into the desert of Set
"Therion : Mark of Cain" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Therion Mark of Cain Testo

Therion Testi Canzoni

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