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Thickskin - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1New Generation
  2. 2Ghost
  3. 3Swallow Me (The Real You)
  4. 4Born a Beggar
  5. 5Thick Is the Skin
  6. 6See You Around
  7. 7Mouth of Voodoo
  8. 8One Light
  9. 9I Remember You Two
  10. 10Lamb
  11. 11Down From Underground
  12. 12Hittin' a Wall


One Light Testo

Album: Thickskin

"Skid Row : One Light" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

One Light Testo Canzone - One Light Video - Skid Row

There's a sound in my head. Holy wine,
breakin' bread between time and what
we said drifts the innocence we've
shed. In this moment there's a day for
a sad and broken babe. there's a
fracture on this hallowed ground
where we lay One light burns, one
light fades. Behind the door are
better days. When the light
shines on me I'll know the world
still turns. One light burns.
There's a prayer on the wall.
One by one say them all.
Why we run before we crawl stands
the reason that we fall
In the flower there's a field. Sublime
but so surreal. There's a fracture on
this sacred ground to be healed.
"Skid Row : One Light" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Skid Row One Light Testo

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