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Nikka Costa

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Butterfly Rocket - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1Get Off My Sunshine
  2. 2Flowers
  3. 3Come Clean
  4. 4Master Blaster
  5. 5In This Life
  6. 6Treat Her Right
  7. 7Meltdown
  8. 8I Do Believe
  9. 9Black Seed
  10. 10Grab Hold
  11. 11Who's Loving You


Master Blaster Testo

Album: Butterfly Rocket

"Nikka Costa : Master Blaster" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Master Blaster Testo Canzone - Master Blaster Video - Nikka Costa

Hey, Master Blaster with that evil grin
Full of smug intentions
You staked your claim and then went through with it without a sorry mention
The world's been cryin' out for weeks now
Seems like the one thing we agree upon
But you turn your head and your eager eyes away from the children you're spittin' on

What does your mama say about it?
I bet your mama's very proud to know her baby's in your position
And doin' some good with his power

You disregard the ground we walk on
Toss it off with indifference
You say there ain't no harm to who you're stepping on, but you make sure you keep your distance
You wouldn't think of backin' down now
You wear your pride like a loaded gun
Your only claim to fame now is killing for no reason
"Nikka Costa : Master Blaster" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Nikka Costa Master Blaster Testo

Nikka Costa Testi Canzoni

  1. 1Around the World Testo
  2. 2Black Seed Testo
  3. 3Bubble Full of Rainbows Testo
  4. 4Bullets in the Sky Testo
  5. 5Can't Please Everybody Testo
  6. 6Chained to the Blues Testo
  7. 7Come Clean Testo
  8. 8Corners of My Mind Testo
  9. 9Cry Baby Testo
  10. 10Damn I Said It First Testo
  11. 11Everybody Got Their Something Testo
  12. 12Fatherless Child Testo
  13. 13Flowers Testo
  14. 14Fooled Ya Baby Testo
  15. 15Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter Testo
  16. 16Get Off My Sunshine Testo
  17. 17Go Away, Little Boy Testo
  18. 18Grab Hold Testo
  19. 19Grown Up World Testo