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One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1We're All in Love
  2. 2Runnin' Around
  3. 3Plenty of Music
  4. 4Dance Like a Monkey
  5. 5Punishing World
  6. 6Maimed Happiness
  7. 7Fishnets and Cigarettes
  8. 8Gotta Get Away From Tommy
  9. 9Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano
  10. 10Ain't Got Nothin'
  11. 11Rainbow Store
  12. 12Gimme Luv and Turn on the Light
  13. 13Take a Good Look at My Good Looks


Runnin' Around Testo

Album: One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This

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Runnin' Around Testo Canzone - Runnin' Around Video - New York Dolls

All right!
(wolf whistles)
All right, boys, here we go now..

Why should gay boys get all the good seats?
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
Little girl, god gave ya two good feets for
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
Your legs are crossed and your shoe is danglin'
(???)the shape I'm in
Come on baby, let's get over the street
So goddamn great, I wanna kiss your feet!

Since I was a boy, loved them high-heeled shoes
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
Just lookin' at you in 'em takes away my blues
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
I'm right behind ya, flyin' up them stairs
What we do up there, I don't care
I be lovin' what I seen from here
You got flesh-colored underwear!

Let's play secretary, let's have a little fun
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
I'll take dictation, you're the bossy one
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
On a desk that's just yea-high
You spread your wings just like a butterfly
My god, it's almost made ya deified
I love you, baby, cause you ain't shy
Taste so sweet, feel I been glorified!

Sexless Italian actress at the Vatican
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
Confessin' to a demented clergyman
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
Esmerelda and the Hunchback of Notre Dame
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
Beauty and the Beast, Cocteau is to blame!
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
Who cares what the neighbors say?
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
They gonna talk about us anyway!
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
The young gravedigger and the corpse
(Runnin' around, runnin' around)
I love you, baby, you're so warped!
"New York Dolls : Runnin' Around" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

New York Dolls Runnin' Around Testo

New York Dolls Testi Canzoni

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