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Some Boots - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1Original Spies
  2. 2First Release
  3. 3Ice or Ground?
  4. 4South
  5. 5In Hundreds
  6. 6Airport
  7. 7Baby Teeth
  8. 8Corduroy
  9. 9Remain Relaxed


In Hundreds Testo

Album: Some Boots

"Karate : In Hundreds" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

In Hundreds Testo Canzone - In Hundreds Video - Karate

Part nonsense, part lung test, sickness loved in these hands.
Sought numbers for answers.
In hundreds I said prayers.
Missed some trains.
Lost some friends.
Some forgave in the end.
I don't want to tell you you're the reason why,
but you're just a couple minutes shy of changing things for good.
Maybe I'll put aside this poison like I always knew I should.
Horizon gently pretends to be the end, to be an end.
But what you can't see-and I don't want to give
it away-shows that things look good for the rest of the day.
Now I trust a shiver to bring this body's bad news.
Voices might consider that it's my time,
or let me choose.
Now I don't worry too much about what I really have to loose,
because I'd surely give it all up if I could get some time with you.
"Karate : In Hundreds" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Karate In Hundreds Testo

Karate Testi Canzoni

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