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James Taylor

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Hourglass - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1Line 'em Up
  2. 2Enough to Be on Your Way
  3. 3Little More Time With You
  4. 4Gaia
  5. 5Ananas
  6. 6Jump Up Behind Me
  7. 7Another Day
  8. 8Up Er Mei
  9. 9Up From Your Life
  10. 10Yellow and Rose
  11. 11Boatman
  12. 12Walking My Baby Back Home
  13. 13Hangnail


Jump Up Behind Me Testo

Album: Hourglass

"James Taylor : Jump Up Behind Me" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Jump Up Behind Me Testo Canzone - Jump Up Behind Me Video - James Taylor


JT on Sony.com: Lilly was not at all sure we could just "set ol' Dan free" like that. I told her Dan was a huge invisible rat with magical powers. That seems to have shut her up.
This land is a lovely green
It reminds me of my own home
Such children I've seldom seen
Even in my own home
The sky so bright and clean
Just like my home
Kind people as have ever been
Won't you take me back to my own home

Jump up behind me my love
Jump up behind me
Old Dan can bear us both
Jump up behind me
We follow this road 'til we reach the sea
Jump up behind me
We'll catch the tide and set Dan free
Jump up behind me

I've been in this world awhile
And I've seen a lot of country
Many days and many miles
All various and sundry
I've had my way and I've had my fun
And I've had my chance to run free
Burning hot beneath the sun
Freezing cold and wintry


I know now
Only one thing matters in these days
One thing, true love
Love and love alone
True love

I came out of a dream last night
Thought I was back in my old home
Mom and Dad were both still alive
And the babies not yet born, no
Felt like a festival
Felt like a Christmas morning
Felt the darkness fall away

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"James Taylor : Jump Up Behind Me" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

James Taylor Jump Up Behind Me Testo

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