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Jag Panzer

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Ample Destruction - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1Licensed to Kill
  2. 2Warfare
  3. 3Symphony of Terror
  4. 4Harder Than Steel
  5. 5Generally Hostile
  6. 6The Watching
  7. 7Reign of the Tyrants
  8. 8Cardiac Arrest
  9. 9The Crucifix
  10. 10Instrumental
  11. 11Black Sunday
  12. 12Eyes of the Night
  13. 13Fallen Angel


The Watching Testo

Album: Ample Destruction

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The Watching Testo Canzone - The Watching Video - Jag Panzer

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Jag Panzer The Watching Testo

Jag Panzer Testi Canzoni

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