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No Heroes - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1Heartache
  2. 2Hellbound
  3. 3Sacrifice
  4. 4Vengeance
  5. 5Weight of the World
  6. 6No Heroes
  7. 7Plagues
  8. 8Grim Heart/Black Rose
  9. 9Orphaned
  10. 10Lonewolves
  11. 11Versus
  12. 12Trophy Scars
  13. 13Bare My Teeth
  14. 14To the Lions


No Heroes Testo

Album: No Heroes

"Converge : No Heroes" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

No Heroes Testo Canzone - No Heroes Video - Converge

in vein and valor
be what they fear
their days are over
our nights are here
with hate and heartache
i'll strike you down
with rage and rapture
i crush your crown
no more gods
no more graves
no more love
no more hate
hell hammer comes down
onto their blade
our world of widows
needs to be saved
it's now or never
victim or victory
rebel or regret
who you are and who you claim to be
no more heroes
no more
no more
in my world of enemies
i walk alone
"Converge : No Heroes" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Converge No Heroes Testo

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