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Starting Over Testo

Album: Heart of Stone

"Cher : Starting Over" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Starting Over Testo Canzone - Starting Over Video - Cher

Spent a lifetime
Finally found someone
Gave him all that I had
In love till the dream was gone
I was losing myself
Out in the darkness alone
But the night made me strong
And I learned to let go

Time mends a heart
You turn the page somehow
Oh, there's no looking back
The hurt is behind you now

Starting over again
From the second time around
Coming back to win
Starting over again
Take the first step
And let it begin
Starting over, starting over

Memories haunt you
Feelings you won't forget
Learn to live a lesson in love
Walk away without regrets
We'll never deny
Feelings your heart demands
Ah, find your way out
Just when you reach the end

Starting over again
No one's gonna count you out
When the heat is on
Starting over again
Gotta come back and turn it around
Starting over

Take another look inside
Where you always have a fight
Never dream of giving up, never
No looking back

"Cher : Starting Over" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Cher Starting Over Testo

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