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Born on a Pirate Ship - Testi Canzoni

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  5. 5When I Fall
  6. 6I Live With It Every Day
  7. 7The Old Apartment
  8. 8Call Me Calmly
  9. 9Break Your Heart
  10. 10Spider in My Room
  11. 11Same Thing
  12. 12Just a Toy
  13. 13In the Drink
  14. 14Shoe Box
  15. 15If I Had $1000000 (UK edit)


Call Me Calmly Testo

Album: Born on a Pirate Ship

"Barenaked Ladies : Call Me Calmly" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Call Me Calmly Testo Canzone - Call Me Calmly Video - Barenaked Ladies

Words & Music by Steven Page & Ed Robertson

You and I were meant to be
Even though you don't know me
I don't even know your name
And do you think that you know mine?
You were lonely, I was bored
I may be more than you can afford
But I'm sure we'll meet halfway

And I've got this crazy feeling
you've been trying to get to me
When all you have to do is calmly
Call me, call me, call me

Basic service: sixty bucks
I'll roll the dice, you try your luck
A pair gets me a week in rent
And a straight gets even more.
I'm no good at playing cards
I hold my dates in high regard
Pay up front and ye shall receive

Love is never in-between
if it isn't one thing, then
it's always something else

I don't even know what I mean
I thought that it was nothing, but now I
can't find nothing else
Oh, you can't hide
But at least you tried to

Call me, call me, call me

Are you ashamed of what you've done?
All we did was have some fun
I won't judge and I won't tell
And I'll forget you when you've gone
I pity all you working stiffs,
Living wondering "what if?"
"What if someday I was free?"

"Barenaked Ladies : Call Me Calmly" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Barenaked Ladies Call Me Calmly Testo

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