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  1. 1Mornin'
  2. 2Boogie Down
  3. 3I Will Be Here for You (Nitakungodea Milele)
  4. 4Save Me
  5. 5Step by Step
  6. 6Black and Blues
  7. 7Trouble in Paradise
  8. 8Not Like This
  9. 9Love Is Waiting


Not Like This Testo

Album: Jarreau

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Not Like This Testo Canzone - Not Like This Video - Al Jarreau

Not like this without a single tear
We can't just walk away as
if it never happened

Our kind of love has never talked
in whispers
So if it's time to go, lets do it right
and go out loud

But not like this without a backward
Did all our feeling die the moment
love was over
Well, not in me 'cause i still feel
you in my soul

So I will leave you tenderly
or bitterly
But not like this
"Al Jarreau : Not Like This" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Al Jarreau Not Like This Testo

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