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Everything's OK - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1Everything's OK
  2. 2You Are So Beautiful
  3. 3Build Me Up
  4. 4Perfect To Me
  5. 5Nobody But You
  6. 6Real Love
  7. 7I Can Make Music
  8. 8Be My Baby
  9. 9Magic Road
  10. 10I Want to Hold Your Hand
  11. 11Another Day
  12. 12All The Time


Perfect To Me Testo

Album: Everything's OK

"Al Green : Perfect To Me" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Perfect To Me Testo Canzone - Perfect To Me Video - Al Green

Perfect To Me
(Willie Mitchell & The Reverend Al Green)

Another year has come and gone
But my love for you keeps on and on and on
You're perfect to me
No matter whatever I see
You're everything that's on my mind

If I could love you
One hundreds years or more
You're everything that I love so

My devotion to you
More than you can stand
And I believe in loving
The whole woman

Listen here...
You know I love you
Oh how I love you
You're all that's on my mind

Listen here...
But oh how I adore you
I'm gonna last by for you
Your ever-changing times

You're perfect to me
More than my eyes can see
You know something, you're the only thing
That's on my mind

As long an I live
I'll have love to give (I don't want you to forget that now)
I'll always be around,
I'll be close around here

You're perfect to me
I don't care what anybody else sees
You're the only thing
That's on my mind
I love you baby
I'd walk the floor at night
Holding my arms tight
But they don't feel better than you right now
I don't feel no better than you

I love you baby
I don't like to fuss and fight
That's all I got to say

I love you baby

(repeat and fade)

Por: Erick Ravane
"Al Green : Perfect To Me" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Al Green Perfect To Me Testo

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