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Composer, Musician, Audio Engineer, Producer My life has always been signed by the music, beginning at 3 years old and strumming with a small piano toy, following to an professional electric organ to 6 y.o. and finally to a piano at 12 y.o. Equally the contests have articulated my life: at 14 y.o. with the international music contest of City of Stresa, first and third place in two editions, the great opportunity of the contest for new artists by Café del Mar 25th anniversary, and finally the "Song of the Year" in the Instrumental/Jazz/World category.. This passion has allowed me to study, with many family contrasts, at the Conservatory: piano, composition and Flamenco (I won't end to thank my prof. Rafael Hoces Ortega of the "center studies Flamenco of Granada University") but the great moral support I have had always from family's friend M° Aldo Buonocore (grand maestro and director of RAI-TV orchestra). Despite, I have always dealt with music, teaching in a small school England Español Deutsche
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