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Agent Steel

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Order of the Illuminati - Testi Canzoni

  1. 1Avenger
  2. 2Ten Fists of Nations
  3. 3Earth Under Lucifer
  4. 4Enslaved
  5. 5Insurrection
  6. 6Apocalypse (World Without Windows)
  7. 7Forever Black
  8. 8Dance of St. Vitus
  9. 9Dead Eyes
  10. 10Kontrol
  11. 11Human Bullet


Forever Black Testo

Album: Order of the Illuminati

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Forever Black Testo Canzone - Forever Black Video - Agent Steel

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"Agent Steel : Forever Black" - Scarica tutte le suonerie sul tuo cellulare

Agent Steel Forever Black Testo

Agent Steel Testi Canzoni

  1. 1(The Calling) Testo
  2. 2(World Pandemic Destruction) W.P.D. Testo
  3. 3144,000 Gone Testo
  4. 4Agents of Steel Testo
  5. 5Apocalypse (World Without Windows) Testo
  6. 6Avenger Testo
  7. 7Awaken the Swarm Testo
  8. 8Back to Reign Testo
  9. 9Beyond the Realms of Death Testo
  10. 10Bleed Forever Testo
  11. 11Bleed for the Godz Testo
  12. 12Calling 98 for Skeptics Testo
  13. 13Children of the Sun Testo
  14. 14Chosen to Stay Testo
  15. 15Dance of St. Vitus Testo
  16. 16Dead Eyes Testo
  17. 17Destroy the Hush Testo
  18. 18Earth Under Lucifer Testo
  19. 19Enslaved Testo